Thursday, February 28, 2008

You will be assimilated!

Those Evangelical Christian fellows remind me of the Borg from star trek.

First, they all act as a collective. Unbelievably strict rules are set out by the leaders of the cube, and the drones just blindly follow. That's kind of cyborgish in an of itself, except there's more...

Not only does the collective never implement free will or independent thought, they're bent on absorbing all life forms into their collective. I've got friends who have been assimilated. They tell that everyone should think and act just like they do because the cube leaders said to. And that if we don't assimilate, the Great Gig in the sky will eliminate... us. heh. kinda rhymed woo!

Who is the SBVA?

Swift Boat Veterans for Atheism is a group dedicated to dispelling the myth of god's heroics. We served with Jehovah Jirah. He wasn't on that swift boat. And if he was there, he probably committed treason by voting democrat or something. It is true, so before you write in God for President, think about that. hmm....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No God.

They ain't no god. Can't be no god. Cuz there ain't no god ya'll! Evolution + Big Bang + Cheerios= no god!

got it? many researchers have left the cheerios out of the equation. But there is no longer room for any gods of the gaps. Cheerios caused the singularity. When you subtract Barack Obama's mole from the transitive property of Cheerios, you come up with a brand new form of tacos which have a milk chocolate flavor. These tacos created a gaseous vapor whch contracted into a small minature statue of abraham lincoln. and through honest abe........... it all exploded!

Yes that sequence of words I just used made perfect sense.